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Joors help mobile operators make their Internet business relevant in the new mobile eco-system. Our software let mobile operators provide Internet as a service through applications. It enables relevant, customized and completely new approaches to mobile data on emerging and mature markets.

Our Solutions:
Affordable Internet

Joors help mobile operators make their Internet business relevant in the new mobile eco-system.

Customized Internet

Joors technology let mobile operators partner with content and service providers to tailor customized offerings through the partnering companies applications.

Content and Rich Media

Joors technology enables mobile operators to partner with content and media companies to provide exclusive broadcasting offerings.

Launchpad for new mobile businesses

More than a billion mobile users lack access to the Internet because they cannot afford data services.

Joors enable mobile operators to provide affordable Internet services through smart applications.

It creates completely new business opportunities for mobile operators and companies, and it gives people affordable access to the digital world of information.

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  • Free Surf
  • Civic Information
  • Video & Music

Free Surf

Our affordable Internet concept is ad-funded, creating alternative revenues for mobile operators that finance free and affordable Internet access.


Joors provides an application that the end-customer downloads to access a certain amount of free data and the option to buy more data at an affordable rate.

Civic Information

Joors solution enables authorities and companies to partner with mobile operators to get its information and services across to mobile subscribers. Any type of civic information or digital services can easily be designed as a specific offering or channel and distributed through Joors application.


These partnerships create opportunities for alternative revenues while offering authorities and companies get the opportunity to efficiently communicate with large groups of people.

Video & Music

Mobile operators can partner with content and media companies to offer exclusive broadcasting and rich media services through Joors application.

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About Joors

Joors wants to make mobile Internet widely available and more valuable to people, societies and businesses.


Joors is a Swedish software company founded in 2011 by a team of telecom and media  professionals who wanted to spread and grow the use of mobile Internet by making it more affordable. They thought that increasing the use of mobile Internet would render new business opportunities that could partially finance the cost of mobile data.


In 2012, Joors launched the world’s first ad-supported virtual mobile broadband operator. Joors software enabled distribution of advertisements and free mobile data through an existing mobile network. Thus proving that Joors software could support completely new business models for mobile data.


During those first years of innovation and trial and error, the use of smart phones and mobile devices exploded. In just a few years almost everyone, everywhere had a smart device. It was clear that the future of mobile Internet was all about connecting those devices.


The team at Joors figured that the best way to make the most out of their solution was to adapt it to the emerging world of smart phones and mobile devices. And that meant approaching the eco-system of applications. Said and done, Joors fine-tuned and developed its software to enable mobile operators to distribute Internet as a service through applications.


In 2014, Joors signed an agreement with Telia Sonera, a global telecom operator based in Sweden, to use Joors software in new mobile services.


In 2015, Joors and Telia Sonera decided to launch an Affordable Internet service in Nepal in order to bring mobile Internet to those who previously could not afford it. Joors software enables Telia Sonera’s subsidiary Ncell to provide an affordable Internet application to all its smart phone subscribers. The application provides ad-funded access to free and subsidized Internet services.


Today, Joors software enables mobile operators to provide Internet as a service in ways that are suitable in both emerging and mature markets. Whether it’s affordable or premium services, Joors believe that enabling people to access Internet services that they need and enjoy will unlock enormous value.


Our mission is to help people, societies and companies create, share and equally benefit from those values.

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